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Embedded Technologies

 Embedded systems have become increasingly popular due to their ability to increase performance and functionality.  These solutions reduce costs and complexity in the hardware and software development process improving time to market for new solutions and for next generation versions of existing communication components. Our custom embedded solutions assist our military and commercial customers in reducing developing costs without sacrificing quality and/or functionality.  Our embedded offerings typically coexist with products and systems without sacrificing capability or quality.  Many of our customers look for ways to add new technologies to their portfolio without spending years in development and testing cycles.  We are able to provide cutting-edge technologies with drastically reduced timelines and costs.

Our embedded solutions include:

  • IoT Solutions – IoT Solutions
  • High-Performance Software Libraries – Cheetah GPU C++ Libraries
  • Small Form Factor Software Defined Radio (SDR)
  • Hardware Solutions
  • Digital Signal Processing-Based Solutions
  • Graphics Processor-Based Solutions
  • FPGA & Prototype Development
  • Embedded Software Solutions
  • Multi-Waveform Support including 3G/4G Cellular
  • Signals of Opportunity (SoOP) based Navigation
  • Embedded C, Linux Programming