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Quantum Dimension named one of Top IoT Solution Providers!

Quantum Dimension, Inc. was recently named one of the Top IoT Solution Providers for 2016 by CIOReview.   “We are very honored to be named by CIOReview, particularly because we would like to see our HawQ-i Sense and Avoid solution revolutionize vehicle/pedestrian safety solutions and ultimately reduce lives both out on the road and in work environments”, explained Dr. Michael Enright.

The HawQ-i family of products utilizes low-power sensors and devices to assist drivers and operators and improve safety on busy roads or work sites. “Low power devices are changing the way our we work and interact in both work and home activities.  Our innovative HawQ-i products harness the power of today’s communication devices to save lives”.

The HawQ-i Sense and Avoid concept was invented by the Quantum Dimension team to solve a problem that had not been addressed by existing bicycle and pedestrian safety solutions.  We focused in aiding to improve driver and operator awareness of people within range of the vehicle. However this range is not linear as most solutions, but rather 360 degree detection capability. HawQ-i does not depend on line-of-sight capability of the driver or operator.  This is particularly advantageous as a compliment to back-up cameras which are line-of-sight directly behind the vehicle.  The HawQ-i family of products co-exists with other types of vehicle/pedestrian safety solutions and offers capability not found in the market today.  Learn more about the CIOReview award


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