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HawQ-i Sense and Avoid Technologies


HawQ-i Sense is an innovative Sense and Avoid technology that was designed to reduce accidents and deaths due to collisions of vehicles with bicyclists, pedestrians and motorcycles.  We were seeking a solution to the problem of the high number of deaths each year in our local community due to the inability for the drivers to see a bicyclist or bicyclists in the road.  Distracted bicyclists and drivers, poor lighting, and difficult interchanges/traffic lights are just some of the causes of these accidents.  In 2012 cyclists and pedestrians were over 16% of all US fatalities involving vehicles. The growth of vehicle traffic and commuter require that a solution address this problem. Our HawQ-i Collision Avoidance products offer a solution long overdue!

The HawQ-i Sense product consists of a low-power portable device that attaches to a vehicle visor via a visor clip.  HawQ-i measures 2.25″L X 2.25″W X.50″H and weighs less than 6 ounces.  HawQ-i as a stand-alone device that provides audio alerts for the driver when the presence of a bicyclist, pedestrian, or motorcycle is detected within range of the vehicle.  The HawQ-i Sense and Avoid Products operate at 2.4GHz frequency and pick up low power sensors.  From this sensor data HawQ-i is able to alert the driver to these within range. These audio alerts are provided via the device itself or can be sent your Smart Phone HawQ-i App that is available for both Android and iPhone.  The HawQ-i App allows users to select various sounds rather than the alert through the HawQ-i device.  Additional features of the app include HawQ-i battery levels and the ability to count the number of bicyclists, pedestrians and motorcycles detected over time.

See the video which shows HawQ-i in action!

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