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Cheetah GPU Optimized C++ Libraries for Highly Parallelized Applications

Quantum Dimension has developed Cheetah GPU to manage faster processing of highly computation processes.

CHEETAH GPU Built to support processing on NVIDIA’s Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA) Cheetah GPU allows apps to utilize the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) for processing rather than using the central processing unit (CPU).  This allows for faster more powerful processing for highly computational and/or real-time applications.

Cheetah GPU are a series of C++ Libraries which allow users to optimize coding routines for faster processing and improved operation of software code.  These libraries are ideal for software defined radio (SDR), navigation and precision navigation and time-keeping (PNT) requirements and for embedded applications utilizing signal processing.

Faster Processing and Easy to Use

One drawback of SDR technology is the computing bottleneck that arises from sampling at high rates.  Advantages of Cheetah GPU:

  • It is possible to process multiple signals in real-time – our results have shown the potential to process 10 or more GPS signals in real-time.
  • Engineers avoid the expensive and time-consuming process of programming and re-programming an FPGA which is ideal for fast prototyping of complex algorithms.
  • You can implement your algorithms in easy to use C++ or integrate with MatlabTM.


NVIDIA Tegra 3Navigation Toolbox

• GPS L1 waveform processing at different sample rates
• Supports acquisition, tracking and positioning
•.Works with multiple NVIDIA GPU products
• GPS L5 and GLONASS coming soon!

Communication Toolbox

• Supports cellular signal processing

Signal Processing Toolbox

• Supports traditional signal processing functions such as filtering, correlation, etc.

“GPUs have evolved to the point where many real-world applications are easily implemented on them and run significantly faster than on multi-core systems. – Professor Jack Dongarra, Director of the Innovative Computing Laboratory, The University of Tennessee”.


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