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At A Glance

Quantum Dimension provides innovative products and services to the US Department of Defense (DoD).

    • Small Business Designation
    • NAICS Codes: 541715, 541712, 541330, 541511, 541512, 541519, 541690, 541720, & 541990
    • Device and Component Design, System Development and Emerging Technology R&D
    • Other Transaction Authorities (OTAs) Membership:  National Armament Consortium NAC/DOTC, C5, National Spectrum Consortium (NSC), System of Systems Consortium (SOSSEC), and National Mobility Consortium (NAMC).

Some Tasks & Contracts

Solicitation/Task Order/Vehicle
Award Date
Award Type
FA8750-16-9-0164 AFRL 10/01/2017 Subcontractor SOSSEC
HQ00147-17-C-7513 MDA 03/14/2017
Prime SBIR Phase I -Telemetry
FA8650-15-C-1900 AFRL 01/24/2015 Prime SBIR Phase II-SDR
FA9453-14-C-0302 AFRL 08/07/14 Prime SBIR Phase II-GPS Enhancement
N66001-14-C-5211 SPAWAR 05/30/14 Prime SBIR Phase II.5-MUOS Power Amplifier Design
FA9453-13-M-0179 AFRL 08/08/13 Prime SBIR Phase I-GPS Enhancement
N68335-12-C-0236 NAVAIR 04/10/12 Prime SBIR Phase I-GPS (Y) Code
FA8650-12-M-1445 AFRL 04/19/12 Prime SBIR Phase I-SDR
N00030-12-C-0053 SSP 10/26/11 Prime SBIR Phase I-Submersible Navigation
N66001-11-C-5210 SPAWAR SSC-PAC 08/31/11 Prime SBIR Phase I-SoOP Navigation
N66001-09-D-0020 T054 SPAWAR SSC-PAC 06/10/2010 Subcontractor DeVinCI SoOP Testing
N66001-10-M-7900 SPAWAR SSC-PAC 03/15/10 Prime SBIR Phase I-MUOS Power Amplifier Design
FA8650-10-C-1734 AFRL 12/11/09 Prime SBIR Phase II- SoOP Navigation
FA8650-09-M-1581 AFRL 12/22/08 Prime SBIR Phase I-SoOP Navigation
N66001-09-D-0043 SSC-PAC 12/16/08 MAC/IDIQ C4I/Radio Communications

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