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Embedded IoT Solutions

Quantum Dimension’s delivers embedded Internet of Things “IoT” solutions within its’ embedded product sector to assist businesses and consumers in leveraging wireless communications for work and leisure.

Our IoT solutions integrate various technologies with “smart devices”:  cellular (3G/4G/5G/LTE), Bluetooth Low Energy, Ant+, GPS, etc. to enhance functions within their cellular/wireless devices to improve their daily activities. There are numerous applications where low-energy devices can be utilized to improve a process or existing application.  While consumer products have been heavily highlighted (Smart Home technology) within the energy sector, the commercial market can take advantage of IoT solutions.

One example of that is our HawQ-i Sense, a Sense and Avoid product family which offers improved safety for pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists or within industrial/commercial environments.  HawQ-i Sense products were designed to enhance a driver’s alertness particularly in urban areas where the IoT device provides an auditory alarm to the presence of a potential individual or individuals directly near the vehicle.

Whether for an individual driver, a fleet of drivers, or industrial setting, HawQ-i Sense product family can improve visibility and aid in reducing accidents.  This technology can also be employed at construction sites, industrial plants, transportation centers and other locations where vehicles and heavy equipment interface directly with employees or customers.  Custom IoT solutions can enhance your life and your business!

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