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SATCOM High Efficiency Power Amplifier Specifications  


  • Frequency Range: 250 – 450MHz
  • Available in 40MHz Bandwidth in the Frequency Range
  • Gain: 18dB
  • Pout: +39dBm (WCDMA) to +43dBm (WCDMA)
  • Psat: +42dBm to +46dBm
  • DC Power: 24Vdc – 28Vdc
  • SMA Connector / N-Female connector


This 8 Watt highly efficient linear Power amplifier is specially designed for SATCOM related applications. The Amplifier has a +15 Watt saturated power output. The amplifier is linear and is extremely efficient. The average efficiency of this amplifier is between 60 to 65%, thus making this amplifier ideal for applications where power conservation is a priority.

The amplifier has been thoroughly tested with both CW and WCDMA RF inputs. The amplifier comes in the following form factors approx. sizes:

  • OEM form factor mounted on a Heat sink. (3in X 2in X 1.35in)
  • OEM form factor mounted on a Aluminum plate. (3in X 2in X.5in) (customer needs to add their own heat sink)
  • Aluminum enclosure with mounting holes for system assembly. (4.25in X 2.25 X 1in) Customer needs to cool the enclosure using heat sink or other mechanisms

For additional technical specifications and pricing information call (714) 893-6004 or email [email protected]