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Quantum Dimension RF Solutions – MUOS & Beyond

Quantum Dimension, Inc. develops custom RF Devices for DoD applications including the Navy’s Mobile User Objective System (MUOS). In particular QDI develops small size weight and power (SWaP) devices/solutions: power amplifiers, mixers, LNAs, and duplexers.

MUOS Tactical Radio

“We have seen significant growth in our MUOS products in the last year. Our form factors include: a mobile version, a larger form factor for the AN/PRC-155A, in addition to designs for SATCOM PAs. There will always be a need for efficient RF solutions. Applications for these designs are not limited to just telemetry applications, tactical radios, or nano-satellites. We also offer high quality RF designs for other frequencies beyond MUOS. The need for 5G capabilities and solutions is going to continue to drive custom RF devices into the unforeseeable future”, explained VP Julie Isenberger.

Quantum Dimension, Inc. also provides technology expertise for industry in navigation, embedded devices, and telemetry solutions.

For more information on our RF Solutions click here and for our MUOS RF solutions click here.

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